Let's face it;

We are nothing like our parents.

We are a generation of hackers, founders and creators.

We DIY everything from our education to our careers, changing jobs as often as we change the cities we live in.

We do relationships differently.

We meet later in life, we live together before marriage, and generally break all of the 'rules'.

Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

Our weddings should be no different.

The traditions of generations past are outdated now. Weddings are not the family-centric celebrations they used to be.

Today, a wedding is an expression of your relationship up to this point.​ A celebration of your passions, your goofy obsessions, and the memories and friends you have collected on your journey together — that's exactly what it should reflect.

And yet couples get so caught up in wedding craziness they end up planning a wedding that feels nothing like them.

They overspend, and end up planning something that looks exactly the same as the last wedding they went to.

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Let's Break Some Wedding Rules

The trouble is, there isn't a lot to go from when it comes to planning a less-traditional wedding.

There is so much hype around wedding traditions on blogs and in magazines — it is easy to get caught up with the details of what you should and shouldn't do.

Despite what these articles and the bridal magazines say, you do not have to follow any wedding traditions that you don't want to.

This is why I created Wed-U — an online wedding planning course for modern brides, who aren't afraid to break the rules.

Wedding Planning Re-Imagined

If anyone can plan their own wedding it's you (the fact that you found your way here is proof of that.)

You don't need a wedding planner — you need a wedding bestie. Someone to answer your wedding questions 24/7 and someone who can serve up a swift a reality check when things start getting out of hand.

No more google searches, and no more spammy wedding blogs full of advertisers trying to sell you stuff you don’t need.

I will help you define exactly the kind of wedding you want and then show you how to plan it like a pro.

This is Not Just Another Wedding Blog

If you are looking for someone to advise you of the "proper" and traditional way of doing things, this is not the place for you. 

Wed-U is a wedding planning blueprint for modern brides who want to plan their wedding, their way.

A step-by-step planning guide that encourages you to get creative with every wedding decision you make.

You won't find any advetising here.

Just strait-up wedding advice for real brides with real budgets.

(HINT: If your budget is "unlimited" it is not a real budget.)

What My Clients Say

"Karen's money saving tips were incredible."

"She really helped us put things into perspective, so we didn't waste money on things that didn't matter to us. 

We loved that her advice was so practical and easy to follow, and especially loved that we were able to put the money we saved towards an awesome honeymoon!"

Emma & Andy
Kelsy & Mike

"Choosing to work with Karen was the best wedding decision we made."

"Right from the beginning she put things into perspective so we could make decisions easily and not feel weird about leaving things out of the wedding that we didn't care about.

Her advice was unbelievably helpful over the year, and especially in those crazy months leading up to the wedding.

With her expert guidance we felt confident that we hadn't missed any details, meaning we could enjoy our wedding day stress free!"

I Dare You to Plan a Wedding You Will Love

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Ready to Plan Your Wedding like a Pro?

Join my free mini-course and I'll show you how!

  • Lesson #1 The First Step to Planning Your Wedding
  • Lesson #2 Setting and Sticking to a Budget
  • Lesson #3 Building the Perfect Guestlist

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